Worlds best Kindergarten, unplanned trip and other interesting things

- This is not a surprise. Welcome to the worlds coolest Kindergarten! Thank you New York Times!!!! Of course you will find this Kindergarten in my beautiful Hamburg. And this is such an amazing Kindergarten......read HERE why. 

So many kids here love to play soccer. My son also ;-). And so many love St. Pauli....

- Do you love to travel? What about booking a trip but you don't know the destination until you start the trip? Look HERE

- 25 ways to hang a scarf around. I love it.

- Oooohhhhh!!!! Eclairs!!!!!! Check out these from London HERE.

- I love the INSTAX Mini Camera in different colors and the mini pictures. HERE

- Oh.....this pineapple is so beautiful. In Hamburg you can get it HERE.

- And what else?
THIS glitter bomb water bottle.
CLOTHES from Other stories.
Start your own little free library HERE.

Hope you will have a nice long weekend soon!

xoxo Steffi

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