advent time - advent calendar

Already in the middle of November, many people are starting with the Christmas preparations. So do I ;-).
You can find many delicious typical Christmas sweets in the shops, and also some streets are already festively decorated. 

If you count the weeks through, you realize that there are only 6 weeks left to Christmas. 
In Germany and many other countries, children traditionally receive an Advent calendar from 1st December until Christmas, which can be hung up very decoratively in the apartment or in the children room. The children can open every day a little bag until the 24th of December. And they have so much fun opening a little surprise every day.
There exists already pre-made advent calendars from different toy manufacturers. 
You can find some HERE and HERE. But of course it' s even nicer to make your own advent calendar. 

I have created an advent calendar of little bags for my little one, which can be used every year again. HERE you can see the one I made last year.
You can find many ideas for self-designed advent calendar especially at PINTEREST.

What do you put inside your self-made advent calendar? 
For me it´s easy to find things for my 5-years little one for filling up the little bags. Every year I use a pre-made calendar, for example, Star Wars Lego or Playmobil. I take out of the individual parts and put them in my self-made little bag calendar. (I store the packaging.) 
(I never put sweets into the bags. My little one gets enough sweets anyway.) 
In addition, you can also insert small surprise bags from Playmobil or Lego. you can find them HERE or HERE or HERE

For myself I would like to have a beauty advent calendar. HERE you can find some. I prefer the one from Kiehls. You can find it HERE. Some shops still have one if it is sold out online.

Enjoy advent time!